Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Liberty Dollar needs your help!

Bernard von NotHaus and others at NORFED have filed suit against the US Mint for its comment that use of the Liberty Dollar is a federal crime.

"...prosecutors with the Department of Justice have determined that the use of these gold and silver NORFED 'Liberty Dollar' medallions as circulating money is a Federal crime. " -US Mint website.

According to NORFED, "It is not a 'federal crime' for two consenting adults to voluntarily use a piece of silver in trade."

You can find out more about the Liberty Dollar by visiting

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ron Paul on the upcoming Iraq War Funding Bill

On Tuesday, March 20th Ron Paul spoke on the House Floor in opposition to the $124 billion dollar bill for funding the Iraq war.

"The $124 billion supplemental appropriation is a good bill to oppose." he said Tuesday. "I am pleased that many of my colleagues will join me in voting against this measure."

Dr. Paul went on to state that congress is "responsible for making policy, by debating and declaring war, raising and equipping armies, funding military operations, and ending conflicts that do not serve our national interests."

You can view the video of the speech here (windows media player required).

GOP presidential candidate would 'reinstate Constitution'

"I wanna be President because I have this dream, I'd like to reinstate the Constitution and restore the Republic," said Paul. "And I think the Republican party and all of Washington have lost their way."

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Using Digg to Pass the Read The Bills Act (RTBA) in 3 Easy Steps.

No group is better positioned to place the right kind of pressure on our representatives than Diggers. It's our destiny to start making a difference in the way things are run, and I propose we get the ball rolling.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Rep Ron Paul (R-TX) Announces '08 Presidential Candidacy

Rep Ron Paul will announce candidacy for Republican nomination on C-SPANS Washington Journal. This man understands the rules by which our country is meant to be governed, the U.S. Constitution. A strict constructionist, Paul will undoubtedly make some other candidates squirm, as he takes them to task on their unconstitutional records.

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