Friday, November 10, 2006

Libertarian Blues

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This year Libertarians all over the country put in countless hours campaining for respective candidates who respected Liberty and the idea of limited government. We made phone calls, put up signs, sent out emails, and even blogged. Somehow in the midst of all this, we started to really believe in what we were doing. Maybe we thought, this would be the year to see the breaking of this two party system stalemate that has been going on for years now.

I too believed that maybe our hard work would land us with one seat in the House. So come election day I proudly marched off to my polling place to cast my ballot for every Libertarian I could vote for. I didn't expect my vote to mean much more than a statement. My state has always been an Uber-Liberal one.

The results came in throughout the night, and I watched as candidates who morgaged their houses to get up enough money to be on national debates recieved meager percentages. In house races we got 6% at the highest, and Smither, a wonderfull candidate in a place where he and a Democrat where the only people on the ballot, a Republican write in candidate with a name that's difficult to spell pulled in better results.

Slowly the depression of hard work to no avail has been overcoming me. I have come to the decision, after the urgings of Free Talk Live to join the Free State Project.

And no I'm not moving anytime soon. I'm merely stating my intent to move their within the next three years. I think I just need to see Liberty in my lifetime. And my options seem to be New Hampshire or moving to Ron Paul's district.

'cause essentially my state just lost me. For some reason, which makes NO FUCKING SENSE TO ME, California voted down legislation that would restrict Eminent Domain. Yes, we decided we wanted the government to steal our land and pay us practically nothing for it.

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