Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Party Isn't Over

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In light of this recent election, many Libertarians are abandoning the Libertarian party due to it's once again outwright failure to win an election. They say that this is an example of the parties weakness, and because of it, they are supporting organizations like the Republican Liberty Caucus and the Free State Project.

I don't see the need to abandon the LP yet. While we may have lost every major race, something good came out of it. This year, the media actually focused a small amount of attention to the LP. As I watched CSPAN, the numbers were showing Republicans trailing behind Democrats. But it was also showing something else. Something I've never seen before. A third Percentage below The two other major parties. Yes, in many of these races, the third name, which in past years has been either "I" or "Other", said "Lib."

Of course we can't start giving out medals of honor just yet. But the Libertarian Party did accomplish getting us noticed, which, while a small step, is a step forward.

I'm still a member of the Free State Project, and have signed the first 1,000 pledge. I'm now on a quest to save as much money as possible so that I can move to New Hampshire and even live for months on end before I find a job off these savings. And once in New Hampshire, I will still support the LP. I will try to convince what should be a large group of libery minded people their to support the LP as well, and maybe in New Hampshire we can elect the first Third Party Senator or Rep.

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